MBOA was organized in 1958. During its existence, the association has developed and trained several officials who currently officiate in the NCAA Division I Men and Women’s Basketball organization as well as the NBA. MBOA has been recognized as one of the top five associations in the State of Georgia. MBOA officials are highly trained and recognized throughout the State of Georgia and many of the surrounding states for their officiating abilities and knowledge of the game. The officials within this association have officiated all at levels of the State Tournament and Finals games hosted by Georgia High School Association.

Our leadership board has over 100 years of high-level officiating experience. Our association includes both High School and Collegiate experience officials that have also trained at the Pro level.  We pride our organization on training and teaching our officials the “Right Way” to officiate the game of basketball.

If you are interested in joining an association that is family-oriented, fun, about educating and training with a glowing reputation with Georgia High School Association, look no further we are the association for you!

Dynamic Approach

Our approach is constant and consistent. Each Official provided their own personal level of training, depending on their skill level and their pace.  Our approach is to train officials from the ground up.  Seasoned Officials are evaluated and assessed and depending on their level of officiating, they are provided individual training as well.  By approaching our officials at their current skill level, MBOA is able to determine a roadmap for their success within the association and in basketball officiating in general.


The development of our officials is our number one concern. Through rigorous training, weekly training conference calls, and training on the floor in-game environments, MBOA ensures that its Officials are developed and are capable of officiating basketball games at all levels.

Opportunity For Growth

MBOA provides an opportunity for growth for all of its officials by cultivating an environment where officials receive continuous training, offering camp scholarships and our mentoring program.