The undersigned Official hereby agrees that he/she shall avoid any action, whether specifically listed below or not, which might result in or create the appearance of a violation of these standards of conduct, including but not limited to:

  1. Using your position as an official for private gain – exclusive of payment for games (No official shall seek to influence a coach or administrator for the purpose of promoting personal officiating opportunities.)
  2. Giving preferential treatment to any school or
  3. Being involved in any action that gives the appearance of a loss of impartiality or neutrality. No official shall accept an assignment at a school where he/she graduated within the last 10 years, at a school where he/she is employed, had player-coach contact previously with any coach involved, or has relatives affiliated with a school as a student or
  4. Making a GHSA or MBOA decision outside of normal
  5. No MBOA member will engage in criminal, dishonest, notoriously disgraceful, or immoral conduct or any other conduct adversely affecting the confidence of the public, schools or other officials in the integrity of GHSA or
  6. No member shall engage in any behavior that can be defined as sexual harassment by a reasonable
  7. No member shall use any substance prior to officiating a game that would impair his/her physical or mental An official should not use alcoholic beverages at all on the day of the game.
  8. While wearing any article of clothing that identifies the individual as a sports official, each member’s speech and actions during or enroute to or from a game shall be above reproach and should always demonstrate a strong example of sportsmanship, courtesy and self-control.
  9. No member shall criticize any other official or association within the GHSA in the presence of coaches, administrators, players, spectators, or the media before, during or after a
  10. No member shall fail to honor an officiating assignment without prior notification to MBOA and its
  11. No member shall fail to complete the NFHS/GHSA Annual Rules Clinic and NFHS/GHSA Annual Rules Exam. Failure to do so shall result in the member being assessed a fine as set forth in the MBOA Policy and Procedures.