Please insure that the following statement is read as a public address announcement prior to the start of every GHSA sanctioned contest:

“The GHSA and its member schools have made a commitment to promote good sportsmanship by student/athletes, coaches, and spectators at all GHSA sanctioned events. Profanity, degrading remarks, and intimidating actions directed at officials or competitors will not be tolerated, and are grounds for removal from the event site. Spectators are not allowed to enter the competition area during warm-ups or while the contest is being conducted. Thank you for your cooperation in the promotion of good sportsmanship at today’s event.”

Announcer’s Responsibilities

The following are guidelines, responsibilities and restrictions for PA announcers at GHSA basketball games.

Announcements or comments shall be made during those times when there is a stoppage of the clock and the ball is not live, such as time outs, between quarters, pre-game, half time and post-game.

The announcer is allowed to announce basic information that does not potentially affect the play in general, the players, the coaches, or the officials. May be announced: Player who scored, Player charged with foul, Player attempting free throw, Team granted a time out, Length of time out: 30 seconds or 60 seconds, Player entering game Team Rosters.

The announcer shall be prohibited from; making an announcement while the clock is running and while the clock is stopped and the ball is alive…such as during a free throw, a throw in, etc. interrupting the game through the use of the microphone unless there is an emergency.

Shall not be announced: Number of points player scored, Number of fouls on player, Number of team fouls, Number of team time outs or number remaining, Time remaining in the quarter/game, Type of foul or violation, Emphatic 2 or 3 point goal.